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Future projects

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23cm DVB-T downconverter

There are no DVB-T receivers that can receive directly on 1240-1300. A downconverter is required.
Here available and designed for a company that provides point to point connections a dvb-t down converter.
LO is phase locked to a high quality TCXO. very stable and a very clean LO.
The converter has been independently tested by a belgium ham against a few other brands.
My converter came out on top but almost a tie against a german converter.

noise figure 0.8db, unconditionally stable. in alu housing 150 euro
power supply over coax or external.
LO above frequency.
IF output 340-400 MHz. Chosen for no interference possibility from 2m or 70cm.
Input can have a very good interdigital filter. 100 euro extra. lowers noise figure by only 0.2db

Converters for other frequencies like 1100 mhz, 1400mhz, 2350mhz or 2600mhz with matching filter can also be ordered.

a 23cm DVB-T down converter with filter: