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Future projects

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you must read text below before entering channel!!!!!!
javascript is required --link to check your java version--
Q is a bot, its not a person, it just keeps guard of the channel
my name here is @lem-bert. if you see a lem-bert without a '@' in front of the name,
then you are talking to an imposter
this is an open webchat so many people can connect at once and also people that want to do harm
ordering is not realy safe via this chat but its possible
but i do not exchange final payment details via this chat!!!!
you must send me an email with the order and i will reply with an email with final order details
only send to an email adress that you can see in the email section
i will not ask you to do it any other way!
im here usualy during 11:00 and 24:00
please no heavy stuff after 20:00, or i get even more sleep deprivation
it might take 1 hour for me to react, im not always at my computer
and this is not realy for regular chats
this is pure for questions/support/helpdesk for my products
you can also connect via a regular mirc client, search google for 'mirc client'